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  3. [Fanfiction] Free!: Sequel to the SNKAU

    Author’s Note: The response to the first post was amazing… so I thought to continue it in bits and pieces. Can’t promise that it’s as good as the first sooo… well, you guys be the judge.

    The mess in the Free! fandom is extensive but I hope this little piece among a bunch of others will bring us back to the wholesome, fluffy and happy place that MakoHaru has always been.

    Summary: The Sequel to the SNKAU that nobody asked for.

    Warning/s: Non-explicit violence and gore

    Pairing/s: Future!MakoHaru

    First Post:


    Haruka sits on his bed close to the window, propped up on pillows half of which he doesn’t own and his eyes glued to the pieces of paper on his lap. His hand moves freely and furiously on paper, not minding the charcoal staining his fingers, his palm and even the sheets. When he finishes, he drops the piece of charcoal and looks at the paper where he drew what details he can remember about the titan who rescued them.

    A titan’s instinct is to chase and feed on humans, they said. It must have been an Aberrant titan – they aren’t exactly known for being predictable which makes them even more dangerous. It didn’t surprise him at all when they disregarded everything he reported – that something about it rescuing them and how it just stood there watching them get away screamed of a higher intelligence. He knows exactly how strange it sounds but no one would be able to explain the titan’s behavior at all unless researchers want to trash years upon years of very little data collected about them.

    He looks at the picture and brushes dust carefully off of it. This one is a lot more accurate than the one he gave the Military Police. He changed a few details in that sketch; nothing too obvious that Rin would be able to point out if someone asks him (not that he paid too much attention to the titan since he was the one steering the horse). He knows he’s making a mistake and he knows that he’s probably jeopardizing what could be a breakthrough about titan behavior (or whatever it is that Rei’s researching about) even if nobody really believed him about it but he feels indebted to it. The next time they meet and he’ll be sure to kill it like many expect him to but for now, it’s safe.

    It’s grotesque in the way most titans are grotesque but it was taller than most titans Haruka had encountered in the short time that he’s been with the Scouting Legion. He remembers its face, sharp and angular and definitely fierce-looking, framed by long, light brown hair. There are patches of skin that seemed to have been torn from its face, exposing the corded muscle around its right eye socket and its left jaw.

    It has broad shoulders and a lean body covered entirely with firm, strong muscle, bunched under golden skin. Every movement it made was full of control and power. If Rei had seen it, he would have spouted what a beautiful specimen it was compared to all the others he had the displeasure of studying.

    But what Haruka found the most distinguishing was its green eyes. Bright, green eyes that he’d only ever seen on one other person.

    Haruka leans back, knocking his head on the headboard as he closes his eyes.



    “Mou, Haru-chan…”

    “Ne, Haru-chan!”

    ‘Makoto, stop it with the “chan” already!’ he can hear his younger self shout and those green eyes would widen impossibly in a small face before looking down at his feet, scuffing worn boots on the ground. He remembers Makoto biting his trembling lower lip, sniffling lightly.

    It’s been ten years and while most of it is already a blur in Haruka’s mind, there are still memories that refuse to leave him.

    Haruka remembers sighing, remembers to take Makoto’s smaller hand in his so they could go back to Makoto’s house but there was a loud noise from the distance followed immediately by chaos.

    In just a few short moments, his life was changed forever.

    He can’t forget the way those small fingers felt in his, warm and soft, slightly sweaty as they run through the streets, panting as they tried to avoid the panicking crowds to get back to their home.

    Everything was in shambles when they got there. There was nothing left. Blood pooled and streamed everywhere, some red and still fresh while others were already a thick, rusty brown. There were no bodies and Haruka, even at a young age, knew what it meant.

    He looked at Makoto, so small and fragile, pale with tears streaming down his cheeks. Haruka understood even a little. He loved Makoto’s family, too, since he didn’t have a family of his own. In fact, Makoto’s family took him in when his parents disappeared.

    Makoto, we have to go,” he said, tugging him away from the wreckage that was once his house. Makoto didn’t say anything, didn’t bawl or sob. Instead, he steeled his shoulders and looked at Haruka with determined eyes. He nodded shakily.

    He remembers how they both ran before Makoto tripped and there it was just behind him, freakish face frozen in a smile and then –

    “Haru-chan, run away! Go! Go!”

    Makoto, who was only seven years old, didn’t scream for help. He screamed for Haruka to escape even as he disappeared inside a titan’s mouth.

    And Haruka couldn’t do a thing. He just stood there on shaky knees and he would have gladly let himself be eaten if he weren’t rescued by someone from the Garrison.

    Haruka takes in a deep, shuddering breath, staring at the ceiling. He doesn’t know why he’s remembering all of these memories now while he’s thinking about that titan.

    It doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t want to remember anymore. There simply isn’t any point.


    The green-eyed titan ran and ran until the walled city was nothing but a memory. It stops at the foot of a mountain, steam coming out of it in bursts before there is nothing left.

    Nothing but what seemed to be a human with light brown hair and bright green eyes.

    “Mako-chan, you’re back!”


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    and gay

    It all makes sense now

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    steve rogers adjusting to technology and using a pen tablet though



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    If I don’t reblog this, it’s because I’m dead.

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"You can believe me"


    "You can believe me"

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  13. Free!! dj – Lover’s Time

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    episode 12

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    Sassy as fuck.

    Now that’s the Castiel I love. 

    That look that he gives him…it is like “What? Yeah that was me. You impressed?”

    I laugh so hard at this every time jsut cas omg 

    I miss my original flavor sassy Cassie.

    omg i cant

    original flavor sassy Cassie

    He’s still there with lines like:

    “You know, I can hear you, I am a celestial being.”

    “I’m an angel, you ass.”

    “I’m aproximately the size of the Crysler building”

    or those times when Dean says things like: “Can you lift this.” and Cas is all *bitch, please*


    *just look at me, doing all the work* *I’m fabulous, aren’t I?*


    and this one just speaks for itself:


    like “srsly you underestimate me baby”

    Sasstiel: Angel of the Lord

    He’s a strong independent angel who don’t need no Lord

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  19. aokaga kiyohana | aldaria [pixiv] 

    Please do not remove the source

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