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  3. [Fanfiction] Kuroko no Basuke: Wrong Send

    Author’s Note: So… my first AkaFuri fic. I fell in love with these and I’m not sure when but here’s my attempt at it.

    Summary: In which a text message gets sent and it became the start of something wonderful.

    Characters: Akashi Seijuurou X Furihata Kouki

    Warning/s: Fluff

    LINK:  AO3


    Akashi Seijuurou is in the middle of writing his history essay when his phone gives off a quiet, tinkling sound. The screen lights up on an old picture of Teikou’s first string as his wallpaper, an old picture Satsuki took before their official photo for their championship trophy and it never fails to make the corner of his lips tilt up in a barely there smile. He looks down, seeing the notification that takes the bottom half of Daiki and Ryouta’s faces as they bickered while the rest of their team looked on with varying states of irritation (Shintaro), disapproval (himself) and indifference (Tetsuya and Atsushi).

    The message flashing across his screen came from an unknown number and he frowns. Very few people know his number and he can count on one hand who sends him messages, most of which are some subtle questions and cat pictures from Satsuki and game requests from Ryouta.

    He thinks of ignoring it for a few seconds before deciding to pick it up anyway. It may be important, after all.

    (Tuesday 5:54PM) 3 12XX XXXX

    “Will you go out with me?”

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    I want to cry

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    there is only a difference of about 70 fics between davekat and johnkat on ao3

    cmon davekat keep going you can do it!

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    *opens refrigerator* LOVE IS AN OPEN DOOOOOR

    the cold never bothered me anyway

    We finish each others sandwiches

    if your refrigerator is finishing your sandwich you better find a new refrigerator

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    Night Vale Inspires — Part 2 :]

    Part 1: [x]

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