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  1. [Fanfiction] Free!: Attack on Titan AU

    Author’s Note: The Attack on Titan AU nobody asked for.

    Warning/s: Non-explicit violence and gore

    Pairing/s: Future!MakoHaru


    Nanase Haruka has to be the most talented in the Scouting Legion, graduating at the top of his class with Matsuoka Rin a very close, very competent second. Shortly after graduating from the Academy, the two have been in a few short term expeditions with more than ten confirmed titan kills between them, an impressive feat between relatively new recruits.

    They are the pride of the legion; Haruka who is calm and collected but graceful in the air and deadly with the blades and Rin who is passion and energy, dancing in the wind yet precise in every swing. Together, they face the danger very few have the courage to just so they can give mankind a better future.

    That’s what is being printed about Haruka anyway. Rin, as far as he knows, is doing it in honor of his father. His father was a member of the Scouting Legion, too, and passed away in one of their previous expeditions. Rin takes pride in that which is why he followed in his footsteps. As for Haruka? He only ever joined the legion because Rin’s there and he’d been pulled into the same direction even if he is (happy? No. Satisfied? Not really.) content (no, not content either) with his life.

    And because…


    A wide smile. Green eyes crinkling at the sides.

    “Haru-chan, come look at this!”

    Smaller hands than his wrapped around his wrist, pulling, tugging. A kind, eager smile. Green eyes wide and excited.

    The sky seemed to darken and then there’s fire and smoke. Walls falling down, people screaming, pushing and running.

    Total chaos. Titans rushing in, blood and dead bodies everywhere.

    “Haru-chan! Haru-chan!”

    Panicked shouting amidst the noise. Small hands grasped together but was separated by the crowd.

    Green eyes full of fear, wide and getting farther and farther and farther…


    “Haru. Oi, Haru, pay attention!”

    Haru blinks. It’s not the first time that he’s had that waking nightmare. He gives Rin a sidelong glance then turns his attention back to the formation, to the sun shining in the sky, the three dozens of horses in formation and the steady clip clop of hooves on the ground. The area is open with a smattering of old buildings, no sign of titans anywhere yet but they’re only a quarter of the way to their destination – an abandoned building that many a squad uses as a base before going further beyond the walls.

    In front of him, Mikoshiba Seijuuro leads the formation, signaling with a brisk movement that they will be separating from everyone else. It is a well-practiced procedure that was drilled into their heads and everyone knows what they’ll be doing. All the members of the expedition begin to move.

    Rin and Haruka’s group are made of scouts. They report titan sightings and if necessary, will head off any titans who approach their caravan.

    They stay behind, slowing down just enough to put distance between them and the center but not so much that they lose sight of everyone else. Overhead, plumes of colored smoke from the flares rise up.

    There’s no sign yet but Haruka knows how titans move. More often than not, they don’t do anything unless a human is near and that makes them unnoticeable until the last moment. How they can tell is still a mystery and not something anyone is willing to risk finding out.

    As expected, it didn’t take too long for titans to appear. Some of them are concealed by the dilapidated buildings while others run, making the ground tremble in their wake. But they weren’t any match for either Haruka or Rin. Titan corpses littered the land, steam rising from drying blood and flesh.

    There’s no room to talk but they nod at each other before resuming formation.

    They don’t see the deformed ten meter titan until it slammed its foot into Haruka’s horse, sending him flying into the air, too shocked that he missed firing his gear at one of the few trees still left standing in the area. He falls into a breathless heap on the ground, intense pain blossoming at his side though the injuries are uncertain. He vaguely hears Rin shout his name amidst the ringing in his ears but his gaze is glued to the large brown blur that was approaching him.

    Something grabs him by his cape before a large hand can snatch him, dragging him along the ground and away from the titan.

    “Haru, snap out of it! Come on, get up!” Rin shouts as he drives his horse forward as fast as it can go, holding onto Haruka’s cape tightly until he gets a grip on a stirrup and Rin’s arm. He pulls himself up even though his ribs protested intensely and he grits his teeth as he settles behind Rin, wrapping his arms around Rin’s waist.

    The problem is, their horses are trained for speed and they don’t run as fast with two riders. The titan is persistent and is gaining on them, getting closer and closer.

    Then the ground begins to rumble twice as hard.

    Rin,” Haruka hisses as he points over Rin’s shoulder.

    “Shit, shit, shit,” Rin mutters urgently as he sees the approaching titan that could easily be fifteen meters tall. “We need help.”

    Haruka reaches for the flare gun at Rin’s waist, carefully taking out a black flare and pointing it up at the sky. The shot goes up, a stark, thick black jet of smoke. Now, they’re going to have to wait for reinforcements, which is a lot harder than it sounds.  

    Rin makes a sharp turn to the right, sending the titan skidding on the ground but it gains its momentum quickly enough to chase them again. Behind them, the new titan is gaining fast and actually passed the other but instead of coming after them, it spins around and kicks a foot out straight onto the titan’s face, sending it flying with impressive strength, its neck snapping with a painfully audible crack.

    “I don’t know what the hell is going on,” Rin says triumphantly, “but this is our chance. Hold on, Haru!”

    Haruka doesn’t say anything, his eyes glued to the titan that they’re leaving behind. It’s standing there, just watching them, tall and imposing. It had light brown hair, skin stretched and torn to reveal some muscle underneath.

    But what stuck to Haruka’s mind is the flash of vibrant green eyes.

    Author’s Note: So what do you think? Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  7. MakoRin AU: ‘I have a crush on my teacher’

    "Ne, Makoto-sensei! Let’s race each other!
    And when I win, you’ll become my wife as soon as I come back from Australia!”

    "Eh? But why, Rin?"

    "Why? Because I love you, obviously!"

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Sketches for my new Batsuit design. The suit has no cape, because Bruce has to be able to move quick and easy.


    Sketches for my new Batsuit design. The suit has no cape, because Bruce has to be able to move quick and easy.

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    & here’s what you missed on Free!

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    The most beautiful scene out of the entire series.

    I cried like a bitch

    always always reblog

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    What Guys should do to Drunk Girls - Video

    Her neck is gonna hurt like hell in that position doe.

    He put her head like that so in case she throws up she won’t drown in her own puke, every important

    At first I was going to be super pissed but then….


    He was probably talking/snuggling/watching a movie with her when she fell asleep. That looks like a hotel room, so he probably walked her upstairs and decided to stay and watch her.

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